A practical Construction Services Strategy

In the fields of architecture and civil engineering, construction is a process that consists of the building or assembling of infrastructure.  Far from being a single activity, large-scale construction involves multi-tasking.  At the very least, the job is managed by a project manager, and supervised by a construction manager, design engineer, construction engineer or project architect and calls for a construction services strategy.  This is especially important in the context of the fact that we build and maintain physical assets that should be of such high standard that it support national economic growth and development as well as public health and safety.

The successful execution of a project, demands effective planning.  This planning is involved with the design and execution of the infrastructure in question, the environmental impact of the job, the successful scheduling, budgeting, safety of the construction site, availability of building materials, logistics, inconvenience to the public caused by construction, delays and bidding.

A construction services strategy diagram by GS Construction Mossel Bay

Personnel- and quality management model

With the above context in mind, we align as one man, our workforce and collective skills to provide our clients with reliable and quality construction.  This day-to-day enterprise is attained and underpinned by competent personnel- and quality management, a strong and well implemented safety policy and environmental control policy.

By strategically positioning quality management at the heart of our operations we reinforce sustainability and deliver quality outcome to all stakeholders within the boundaries of building regulations, safety- and environmental control policies.

Together with the above approach we also enforce a structured approach to every project and altogether this completes what is called our construction services strategy.  See our construction services strategy diagram below:

A structured project approach

Our decades of experience, innovation and exceptional people differentiate our approach to delivering integrated solutions in a diverse and changing market.

Since its establishment, integral to the company’s business strategy have always been its commitment to deliver products and services according to a tested method with the flexibility to meet challenges with effective engineered solutions.

Our cost-effective strategy is fundamental to our structured approach

Our strategy to increase productivity and minimise cost can be summarised as follows:

Good planning, Properly organised work, Continuous supervision, Efficient scheduling of material & equipment, Minimising rework with timely quality control, Well trained workers and managers AND Preventing accidents through safety

Our quality management model empower employees to live its corporate values

It is important to emphasize the existence of our integrated quality management system that underwrites every aspect of operation and also empower employees to live its corporate values.  This model makes out a big part of our construction service strategy.


GS Construction strives to live by its core values of:

People, Excellence, Transformation, Customer Focus, Innovation, Integrity AND Performance.

We operate within safe boundaries

Our health- & safety policy and environmental management policy together with building regulations forms the boundaries wherein our construction services strategy operates.

Our health- & safety policy

Health and Safety are two of our Company’s most important legal and moral responsibilities.  It is regarded, beside competent personnel and quality management, as an essential foundation for successful business and social operations.

Health and safety are recognized, implemented and maintained from a legal, humanitarian and economic perspective.  We believe that a superior safety approach is indicative of assertiveness and responsiveness to employee needs and policy procedures.  As a result higher morale and loyalty are reached amongst employees, cultivating enhanced productivity, which again fuels profitability.

Therefore we strive to safeguard our employees and the general public, so far as reasonably practical, from injury, annoyance or risk during all company operations and -activities.  The outcome is worth the effort, as it maintains our constancy and vision as top achievers in the construction and development environment.  In essence then, sustainability has been reached.

Environmental control is part of the GS Construction services strategy - Mossel Bay
Environmental control at lifestyle estate Gondwana Game Reserve

Environmental control is part of the GS Construction services strategy - Mossel Bay
We have become a builder of choice among lifestyle estates that are especially concerned about environmental control and safety.

Properly organised work is part of the GS Construction services strategy - Mossel Bay
Properly organised work is a cost-effective strategy that we employ

Our environmental management policy

GS Construction believes that a protected environment holds a future for all and is thus committed to maintaining a clean environment and support the environmental program.  This creates the ability to operate in a disciplined and sustainable manner over the long term and is fundamental to maintaining a competitive advantage.

Our company policy is that the fulfilling of its legal and statutory responsibilities represents the minimum level of achievement in respect of environmental control.  Management and employees of GS Construction therefore, commit themselves to actively participate in the environmental control plan.


To completely comply with all legal and statutory requirements.

To observe all environmental provisions regularly.

Take responsible care of the environment.

Do nothing liable to cause damage to the environment.