Various residential construction projects

GS Construction does various residential construction projects for example single-unit, duplex, cluster villages, apartments and condominiums. GS Construction has become a builder of choice for fastidious lifestyle estates and Game Reserves where environmental control regulations enjoy high priority.   We have completed quite a few houses in the world-class Golf Estate, Pinnacle Point, which is a renowned archaeological site and also known as home to unique flora.  Other lifestyle estates on our CV is Mossel Bay Golf Estate and Gondwana Game Reserve. Our clients will benefit from our service due to the broad spectrum of practical experience in the residential construction industry.  Each residential  project, no matter how big or small, is managed with the same care and initiative and GS Construction has the capacity to employ multiple crews at one residential construction site where many houses need to be completed as in a town house village.  Almost a hundred projects have now been successfully completed, either specifically to client requirements or for sale to businesses and institutions.

Residential construction by building contractor GS Construction Mossel Bay Western Cape

Innovative residential construction

What makes GS Construction different from other residential contractors? Why do we say we are innovative or ahead of our peers?   Clients who want a new residence is about to spend a few million.  Their hard earned savings, and they want the surety that their money is paying for true quality, not shallow surface quality that turns out to be no quality within a year of living in the new residence.  This is where GS Construction comes in, our years of experience puts us one step ahead in our knowledge of building materials in and outside the house and the way we run our projects.

Building materials consultancy included

Firstly, we have turned our specialised knowledge into an innovative building service  that provides our clients with professional practical advice and proposals regarding the choice of building materials and costs, which focus on improving the house plans without compromising space and quality.

Quality management approach

Secondly, to be innovative we have to manage well.  Therefore, from start to finish, our residential construction projects are streamlined with close supervision at the site while regular feedback is given to our clients.  Any problems which may arise are immediately reported with the owner along with optional solutions.