Competitive Commercial Construction

Due to increase of business cycles and population growth, the need for more schools, medical centers, retail shops, professional office buildings shopping malls, hotels and restaurants  establish a demand.  We keep one step ahead of this demand for commercial construction because of our compound multi-skilled and productive team, who stay within its goals despite the pressure.

In our commercial construction and retail environment we gained enough experience to deliver specialized constructions like high-rise buildings, big shopping malls and entertainment parks.  We have extensive experience working in many different venues including freestanding buildings, enclosed regional malls, outlet centers, neighborhood strip centers, lifestyle centers, hotels, airports and office buildings.

Our range of services encompasses pre-construction, construction and post-construction.

Commercial construction: reinforced slab by building contractor GS Construction Mossel Bay Western Cape
A typical reinforced slap and concrete structure designed by our engineer.

We can increase your productivity

It is an established fact that dependable and well-designed structures increase productivity.  Allow GS Construction to increase your business productivity by properly expanding or refitting your office space.  We work close with our clients to fully comprehend their expectations, brand standards and concepts.  Proper research, expert advice and planning ensures mutual trust and successful project completion.

Well-developed teamwork ensures quality

Commercial construction involves multi-level tasking and project implementation.  This demands efficient communication between our professional design and engineering team, architect, land surveyor, civil team, sub contractors, site manager and work force.  Having perfected this balance in efficient teamwork we can offer our clients quality with certainty.

Furthermore, we deliver exceptional value because we focus on cost-effective and high quality construction.  Our project managers and site superintendents are dedicated to listen to you, the customer and develop the best solutions to meet in co-operation with our engineer team.