Large-scale Building Contractor

Meeting market criteria demands that ensures customer satisfaction has moved building contractor, GS construction to follow an uncompromising approach when it comes to attention to detail.  Whether it is a commercial construction-, general construction- or residential construction project.  Our multi-disciplinary team employs the highest industry standards to the engineering, the infrastructure and the aesthetics in order to maintain the ‘attention to detail’-approach.   Underlying this approach is the premise;  if it must be there and serves a function, let’s do it with purpose and style!

Furthermore, for more than a three decades, GS Construction has accumulated a wealth of expertise;   brick by brick, building by building. We apply this diverse experience and knowledge on behalf of every client on every project.

Transparent building contractor:  customers remains on top of their project

From inception to completion customers remains on top of their project through clear communication strategies employed by CEO, Attie Gerber.   He has the ability to manage the expectations of his customers well, knowing that a lot is at stake.   Therefore with your project, trust and transparency will be his focus .   This certainly gives you as the customer, peace of mind.

We are responsive, adapting to your needs

General contractor, construction manager, owner’s representative, design-builder, project manager, consultant and plumbing-, painting-, waterproofing- & paving contractor,  GS CONSTRUCTION’S flexibility allows us to adapt to your specific needs. From the earliest conception stages you will be amazed by our versatility. Resourcefully finding ways to stay on schedule, solving problems, identifying potential cost reductions and quickly making changes. Our ability to serve your particular needs is our greatest strength.

A building contractor that keeps up with technology

Technology advances at a fast rate and is another factor that we keep up with.  Tapping into technology ensures that you receive the best and latest techniques when choosing us as your builder.

Quaility residential construction by building contractor GS Construction Mossel Bay Western Cape

The attitude that brought us our success is as follows:

“Get the job done. Get it done promptly and well. That is the bottom line on every project at GS CONSTRUCTION.  Clients depend on us.  It’s our job to roll up our sleeves, get our hands dirty, and circumvent problems.  As a building contractor, we turn visions into reality. We do it because we love it.”